Really, Tsipras?

Young and fresh in politics, promising your country a new start.
I wish you well.

I see you´re accused of being apologetic towards the Russians which is unfortunate but I can understand that you´re tempted to put your country first at this point – any potential investor is welcome?

But to pick 35 ministers for your cabinet and not ONE woman?
And no, the 6 deputy ministers being female does nothing to undo the damage. They´re not even allowed at the weekly cabinet meetings!

That´s your new start?
Think again, Tsipras.


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2 Responses to Really, Tsipras?

  1. says:

    Ah, but what can you expect when 51 percent of potential candidates are excluded beforehand…?
    More interesting question – did Tsipras have much choice ?

  2. Markus Stettiner says:

    Well, he picked some xenophobic, antisemitic and homophobic rasists instead.

    And you wish him well.

    Really, Ylva?


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