So, about immigration and benefits…

The EU Commission has been trying to get the message across for some time already, now the European Court spells it out for those who are too afraid of foreigners to listen:

No EU country has to provide for the jobless, poor of other EU countries.
The right of free movement applies only to those who can find a job within three months of time and who can provide for themselves while they´re looking.

So here´s what the Court said today on the subject:
”The host Member State is not obliged to grant social assistance during the first three months of residence.”

And for those wanting to stay longer?
…”economically inactive persons must have sufficient resources of their own.”

Conclusion then, for those who have not bothered to check their facts or cared  to listen to the EU Commisison:

A Member State must therefore have the possibility of refusing to grant social benefits to economically inactive Union citizens who exercise their right to freedom of movement solely in order to obtain another Member State’s social assistance although they do not have sufficient resources to claim a right of residence; ”

Will that be the end of the hostile debate on foreigners being benefit scroungers?
Can we now turn to the really interesting fact that EU immigrants are a net gain for the host state?

Funnily enough, I somehow, don´t feel really optimistic about that.



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