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Don´t expect the EU to fall apart any time soon

The idea that EU is falling apart is repeated surprisingly often – surprisingly because there are no signs of this. There are however, clear signs that the EU countries are embarking on even closer cooperation than ever before. That´s basically … Continue reading

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Theresa May, here’s why other EU countries will not give you an easy deal

Published in the Guardian 9th of Oct 2016 The Tory party conference rhetoric made for queasy reading. Every European country has its share of politicians rubbishing foreigners, but no sitting government has gone as far as this: openly targeting legal, … Continue reading

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Hands off the British exit, everyone!

Posted on Brors & Elvis 27/06/2016, 08:03  So should we Europeans play bad cop or good cop with the British now that they´ve voted out? Neither, of course. What to do next is entirely a British decision. Juncker, Schulz and others … Continue reading

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Where have those nice Britons gone?

Published in the Guardian 3rd of July 2016 Who are you and what have you done with those Britons I used to know and like so much? Have you no idea how disruptive uncertainty is for our countries, for business? … Continue reading

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”Europeans watch our referendum debate with fascination and fear”

Published in the Guardian, 24th of april 2016, In Sweden, you would be hard pressed to find anyone – or at least anyone in a prominent position – who would use a milder term than “disaster” when referring to a … Continue reading

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Want a good laugh? Listen to George Osborne

UK finance minister George Osborne´s posturing on Brexit is becoming funnier by the minute. This is what he and his officials has been telling journalists lately: ”Mr Osborne has made clear to fellow EU finance ministers that he will not … Continue reading

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Brexit eller… nej, bara Brexit

Den brittiska regeringen turnerar Europa för att skaffa sig allierade inför Brexit-förhandlingarna med EU. Men vad vill britterna ha av oss andra? Det förblir en gåta, skiftar för varje ny presskonferens som premiärminister David Cameron ger. Finansminister George Osborne är … Continue reading

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Varför tänkte vi inte på det…?

Varken Brexit eller Grexit är svårt att fixa, skriver FT:s Wolfgang Munchau. Den enkla och eleganta lösningen på Brexit är att eurozonen knyter sig närmare varandra i integration och att Storbritannien (med Sverige och några andra, får man tro) stannar … Continue reading

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