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Now then, Who Is To Blame for this Sorry Mess?

In EU circles, in the aftermath of the horrid Greek debacle (by which I do not mean the Greek financial woes which are of course ongoing), surely the debate these days is on Who To Blame. Who?, allowed one small country … Continue reading

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It didn´t have to be this way, Greece

Yanis Varoufakis is everywhere since he resigned as Greece´s finance minister, explaining in length his side of the recent Greek drama. His record as finance minister is abysmal, having taken over a stalled economy in January with weak signs of … Continue reading

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Well, if bashing Greeks can save a career!

Never mind the economics for a moment, having to watch the eurozone walk all over the new Greek government was nothin short of shocking. This is not how politics is done in the EU. Sure, you have fights, all the … Continue reading

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Really, Tsipras?

Young and fresh in politics, promising your country a new start. I wish you well. I see you´re accused of being apologetic towards the Russians which is unfortunate but I can understand that you´re tempted to put your country first at … Continue reading

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